Comma delimited list of United States Abbreviations

I’m putting this here because I sometimes need a comma delimited list of the fifty states.


9 thoughts on “Comma delimited list of United States Abbreviations”

  1. and here is the same list where single quotes are required.


  2. ‘AB’, ‘BC’, ‘MB’, ‘NB’, ‘NL’, ‘NS’, ‘NT’, ‘NU’, ‘ON’, ‘PE’, ‘QC’, ‘SK’, ‘YT’

    Canadian provinces and territories.

  3. sorry this will work better with MS SQL
    ‘AB’, ‘BC’, ‘MB’, ‘NB’, ‘NL’, ‘NS’, ‘NT’, ‘NU’, ‘ON’, ‘PE’, ‘QC’, ‘SK’, ‘YT’

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